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Simplifies recruitment process, manage contractor's timesheet and payment


Recruitlive supports a full range of business models from recruiters, to recruitment agencies to small & medium sized businesses. The software’s design increases speed, accuracy and power to the recruiter. The recruitment process then becomes simpler, more straightforward and cost efficient.

Why Choose?

Aligning Technology with Recruitment’s best practices. RecruitLive - The Automated and Integrated Software Solution is Customizable for Small, Medium and Enterprise-Wide Requirements.

Service Cycle

Based on Recruitlive’s service cycle, we are able to address different problem and cases and different stages of your requirements from job posting to client management, response handling to interview management, placement and finally timesheet and payroll processing.

Recruitment Software

Recruitlive is a genuine web-based recruitment management system which is designed to provide speed, accuracy and power to the recruiter.

Recruitlive’s comprehensive end-to-end solution caters to the needs of recruiters, regardless of size or recruitment area, who want to be one step ahead of the competition.

With a unique combination of technologies Recruitlive is setting the standard.

The Recruitlive system needs to be seen and used to fully appreciate the benefits it can have for your organization, however on this site we hope to give you some idea of the breadth of its capabilities and features.

Future Development

Through constant innovation, Recruitlive‘s research and development team is committed to the continuous evaluation of industry needs and requirements to consistently upgrade to ensure that recruiters/ recruitment agencies and corporate employers maintain a competitive advantage with our one-stop solution.

In an evolving market, Recruitlive is dedicated to identifying changes in the market. Hence we are currently developing new products, customized to maximize your work place productivity, efficiencies and performance, and minimize manual processes.

RecruitVMA - A new web-based product for the e-procurement market, offering real-time procurement at a fraction of the traditional costs

RecruitHR - A new web-based Human Resource system that has been designed from the ground up specifically for HR management

Silver Partner Recruitlive - A Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with a valid Microsoft Partner Program Agreement in place.

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