Recruitlive Service Cycle


Based on Recruitlive’s service cycle, we are able to address different problem and cases and different stages of your requirements from job posting to client management, response handling to interview management, placement and finally timesheet and payroll processing.

The table below will illustrate all your possible questions and challenges at each service step followed by Recruitlive’s able features to serve as solutions to your every recruitment and administrative business needs.

Recruitlive Service Cycle Questions in the Recruitment Scenario Solutions Recruitlive Features
Client Management How do I monitor responses from all the different applicants and clients to ensure that I avoid delay or I don’t mistakenly send wrong responses? You need a solution that streamlines automatically generates standardized responses to specific queries Recruitlive can integrate into your email system and provides auto-generated documentation from offer letters to appointment-reminders that can be fully and easily customized
Job Advertisement How do I post my job advertisements where many applicants can see them? How do I manage these job sites & job channels? You need a solution that will conveniently let you post in multiple job boards, particularly the top performing ones i.e. LinkedIn & Seek. Recruitlive is connected to the key job sites in Australia & around the world like LinkedIn, Seek, CareerOne, amongst others.
Response Handling There are too many candidates involved. How do we keep track of schedules for all these applicants? You need a solution that lets you integrate your applicant interview & testing schedules to your main calendar or your email system Recruitlive offers integration into MS Outlook or your web email client to make you keep your recruitment process in line and you are able to monitor your applicant and client scheduling
Interview Management How do I facilitate tests and interviews for so many clients? How do I manage these tests & interviews with applicants in different parts of the world? You need a solution that’s online. A solution that is available and accessible 24/7 where you wouldn’t have to physically facilitate the exams, but have an automated system that does it for you. Recruitlive’s ITS or interview and training system is built for just this. It is accessible online on a digital platform to accommodate schedules of clients and applicants throughout the world. It comes  with a pre-programmed interface that you can customize to your company’s requirements.
Placement Process How do I ensure we make the right placements? You need a system that adequately rates each applicant and matches him or her to the correct opening for each recruiter/ company. Recruitlive syncs the company’s needs with your applicant database with easy search features that let you find the best candidate for the role.
Timesheet Handling How do I manage contractors timesheet? You need a solution that provides contractors to record their timesheets. Recruitlive’s Timesheetlive ( component is an online system that lets you submit and approve timesheets. This feature is also partnered with Ebit Australia ( for efficient & timely timesheet handling.
Payroll Processing How do I manage payroll for contractors? I do not have time for such administrative work. Instead of going through the manual and tedious process of calculating hourly & daily rates then cross-referencing them to the timesheet  there are automated systems that sync timesheet & payroll programs for your convenience Recruitlive’s Timesheet program (Timesheet Live) lets you integrate the timesheet to get to the accurate pay-out needed.
Partnered with IPS Payroll Australia (, we provide access to automated processes that manage pay cycles, calculation & distribution of payments in line with current tax laws & fund transfers within agreed pay schedules.

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