Testing System

Testing System

The OTS is an online Interviewing and Testing System. This web-based application is a tool to conduct tests and screen candidates from any location through a digital platform that is both cost-efficient for recruiters and companies as well as candidates and applicants. The online nature of the solution also provides 24/7 accessibility for testing and interview completion that suits your business needs and urgent requirements.

Facilitating multiple types of exams to harmonize with your needs in human resources. OTS employs flexible technology that manages I.Q., English and Technical assessments in pools with both subjective and objective questions. This also consists of varying examination types like multiple choice and image-use.

Test results and accompanying pertinent details like the duration of the exam automatically gets emailed to the test facilitator and the client. User segmentation and assignment also allows for adaptive access levels ranging from super user levels to normal user levels that manage the security of the system for actionable insight in the part of recruitment as well as the confidentiality of the results.

Screening candidates has truly been made simpler!

The OTS as an application is also easily incorporated into RecruitLive, making it a powerful and robust software solution for your business and recruitment system. With the ability to save on data entry cost by creating candidate records directly from email, the synchronization of this data with interview events, uploaded email attachments and applications to company records bring about fruition of human resource efforts in a well-integrated and fully-adaptable solution for your recruitment system.

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