Recruitlive CRM

Recruitlive enables you to focus your efforts into the main line of your business, while we handle your Human Resource infrastructure through our advanced software that provides you an end-to-end solution with a more streamlined & automated system to recruit and manage applicants

Recruitlive Mobile App

​The app is fully functional with the most required features to help users work on the go. It integrates securely with Recruitlive, the recruitment management system, to get your job done.

App Features:

  • Candidates – Search, List, Add/View Notes
  • Client – Search, List, Add/View Notes
  • Contacts - Search, List
  • My Jobs – View detail, Job ad responses, Reject Candidates
  • Timesheets – Approve/Reject timesheets

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Improve the performance of your recruiters

Recruitlive has tools for improving performance and saving time


Recruitlive’s management solutions have been tailored with innovative technology and a set of robust features which provide strong and effective results. In partnership with Microsoft, we provide an accessible, secure and stable platform for all your recruitment needs.


Timesheetlive is an online timesheet workflow management system. It facilitates timesheets submission and approval processes with an inbuilt approval system, which allows approval cycle up to two levels. Three different types of Timesheet formats are available to suit your company’s needs or your recruitment’s function: Task-Based, Time-Based and Task-Time Based.


ITS is an online testing system. This web-based application is a tool to conduct tests and screen candidates from any location through a digital platform that is both cost-efficient for recruiters and companies as well as candidates and applicants.

What we Do

Our goal is to provide affordable, personalized, professional services designed to maximize clients’ profit, efficiency, and growth.

Increased Profitability

RecruitLive focuses on a number of key performance indicators that promote optimum performance and highlight sub-standard performance.

Increased Security

RecruitLive ensures that all your business information remains independent from the consultant as an individual.

Increased Productivity

With built in email, diary and scheduler RecruitLive is an entire standalone office suite that eliminates switching between third party applications.

Lower Operating Cost

Significantly reduce your operating and administration expenditure with RecruitLive’s rich cost saving features.

Recruitlive making standards since 1999

Simplifies recruitment process, manage contractor's timesheet and payment


Recruitlive supports a full range of business models from recruiters, to recruitment agencies to small & medium sized businesses. The software’s design increases speed, accuracy and power to the recruiter. The recruitment process then becomes simpler, more straightforward and cost efficient.

Why Choose?

Aligning Technology with Recruitment’s best practices. RecruitLive - The Automated and Integrated Software Solution is Customizable for Small, Medium and Enterprise-Wide Requirements.

Service Cycle

Based on Recruitlive’s service cycle, we are able to address different problem and cases and different stages of your requirements from job posting to client management, response handling to interview management, placement and finally timesheet and payroll processing.

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