Cloud Based

Recruitlive is for you anytime anywhere
  • Recruitlive is 100 % cloud based. People from across the worldwide can access the cloud. All they need is an Internet connection.
  • You can access RecruitLive anytime, anywhere, making your work so much easier.
  • Being cloud based, the downtime gets reduced to a great extent. Minimal downtime of 0.1%
  • Cloud Based, increases the performance of the applications. So you can Increase Productivity by being faster

Outlook Integration

Empower outlook with the power of Recruitlive
  • Add candidate / contacts directly from outlook mail
  • Extract Roles and skills from attached resume and update candidate’s data
  • Upload resumes directly from outlook
  • Upload placement documents directly from outlook
  • Add notes directly from outlook

Easy to use and Interactive User Interface

Smart and interactive Dashboard ensures you do not miss any target
  • Keeps you updated with all key pointers: Can’t take chance to miss any critical counter. All important pointers are right there for you on your dash board.
  • What's more? You can choose what to have on your dashboard. It is completely configurable as per your choice
  • View Recent Activities: RL remembers all your actions. Your latest actions done can be viewed at just a mouse over
  • Select from various themes and color schemes

Fast and Extensive Search Engine

Search candidates in a faster and efficient way
  • Boolean search to search with various combinations
  • Keyword search to search for keywords within resume
  • Search within the Notes added
  • Refine Search within Search results
  • Combined Search to search in Contact, candidates collectively


Track your Performance by Smart Reporting
  • Built in Reports to track consultant’s recruitment activities
  • Provides summarized and detailed analysis of all consultant’s activity
  • Performance reports to monitor performance

Integration with LinkedIn

Access updated resume of candidates in LinkedIn
  • View the latest candidate’s profile in LinkedIn.
  • Send LinkedIn ‘Invitation to connect’ with them.
  • Import your contacts from LinkedIn to Recruitlive
  • Create new candidate from LinkedIn
  • Create new contact from LinkedIn

Job Board Integration

Create placements easily and efficiently
  • Easy Send out Process with built in document templates
  • Manage multiple interviews
  • Create Placements for all types - Contracts as well as Permanent
  • Create Contract placements for umbrella companies.
  • Create extensions by just few clicks
  • One Job can be worked on by two consultants
  • One candidate can be placed for two companies simultaneously and fill timesheets for each of them.


Manage your tasks Smartly and Quickly
  • Diary integrates all your tasks related to candidate, contact, client, interviews
  • View tasks in list or calendar view
  • Generate Popup task reminders
  • Drag and drop tasks in calendar view
  • View tasks in your mobile apps using Microsoft 365 Exchange Server
  • Align candidate Interviews with the diary
  • Leaves can also be aligned in your diary

Email Integration

Integration with outlook and Gmail makes you work much more efficiently
  • Configure your outlook and Gmail email within Recruitlive
  • Create candidates directly from email
  • Add notes directly from the email

Chrome Plugin for LinkedIn

Find matching candidates in LinkedIn with their updated information
  • Search for the matching candidate directly in LinkedIn.
  • View / download the resume
  • Create candidate in Recruitlive from the LinkedIn.

Xero Integration

Integrated with Xero accounting software for your cash flow
  • Post Clients, Contact information
  • Post Contractor detail as Vendor
  • Submit Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and Credit letter

Email Parsers for Data Entry

Easily add candidates by quick email parsers
  • In response to a job advertisement on Seek, the recruiter would get lots of resumes.
  • No need to search for email of the candidate in the seek response
  • Reply to candidates responses received through seek with single click
  • Linked in email parser to add candidates quickly

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