Current Trends in ICTContracting

Current Trends in ICTContracting

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Studies in the recent times have indicated an increasing trend in ICT contracting across Australia. The demand for contract roles has seen an upward swing as well, which is evident from the job advertisements being published. Though the time to fill these positions by the recruiters is taking longer than before.

Since the government is focussing on digital development, contractors with digital skills are much sort after. Rolesthat involvedeveloping and maintaining systems, applications and online tools are on the rise. To be more specific vacancies for Architects, Business Analysts, Content Managers, Digital Marketers, UI and UX Designers – Developers, Data scientists, Researchers, Strategists,and Project Managershave been created nationally, though more so in the state of New South Wales (NSW).

In Victoria too there are opportunities for professionalsskilful in digital spaceslike data analysts. Contractors who are into Big Data, Java, web development etc. have higher chances of getting hired.

In Australian Capital Territory (ACT) federal government has several IT projects underway aiming at integrations and improvements. In addition private sector is also scheduling new IT projects to start in near future.

Essentially contractors are hired for short term requirement, for a pre-agreed duration as opposed to permanent positions that are ongoing. The key factor promoting the former work arrangement is money – the contractors are likely to more. This also allows flexibility for catering to personal circumstances. Some take breaks between contracts to upgrade their skillset, pass a certification or just take a holiday to return refreshed.

State wise salary tables are available for comparison of earnings. They serve as pointers towards the salaries (permanent positions) and rates (for contractors) paid for positions in Development (this section includes testing and technical writing), ERP, Management, IT Support, Infrastructure and Digital space.

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