How can Instagram be used for recruitments

How can Instagram be used for recruitments

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Instagram is a popular tool to share photos and videos with others. With use of creativity it allows sharing of customised posts on other social media channels like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebookas well as through privates messages. As a community it has over 300 million members who utilise this platform to share over 60 million photos on daily basis. The success of this applications like this and SnapChat prove the age old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Most of its users are urban and in the age bracket of 18 to 35 years. As opposed to LinkedIn which is primarily a professional networking website, it is more of a fun and casual channel. Still it has been effectively harnessed for recruitments. Some of the better known companies that are into it include General Electronics, Marriott Hotels, Starbucks, Cision and HelloWorld.

To begin with it is a great way for the employers to build their brand. Posting photographs and videos which reveal the company’s work culture, key projects/ operations and vacancies is popular. This allows the brand awareness to reach out even to those prospects who aren’t actively looking for a job change or aren’t even ready to join the workforce.

Staying active is a must for engaging with potential customers, clients and candidates. Further linking it toplatforms is a great idea for generating “likes” and “shares”. This becomes more convenient when the current employees of an organisation are socially active and keen at promoting their workplace.

Adding hashtags (#) is a common practice to label and categorise posts on networking and microblogging sites including Instagram. Consequentlyobvious captions can be used byjob seekers (examples: “resume”, “profile”, “hireme”) and employers (examples: “hiring”, “recruiting” “job opening”)for enhancing search results.

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