Increasing demand for Enterprise Apps

Increasing demand for Enterprise Apps

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Current market trends and surveys indicate that enterprise applications (apps) are all set to take over the world in a big way. In fact across industries there is a huge demand for their development works.

Recently we saw Samsung and Red Hat come together to address this rising need for industry specific as well as enterprise ready applications. They are likely to work on offering solutions for areas likebusiness intelligence, inventory management and customer service. Earlier Apple and IBM had formed an alliance and provided apps tailored to meet different business needs.

This rise of technology brings with it many new challenges. In the business environment especially we have requirement for simple yet secure apps.


Considering that diverse businessesare developingenterprise applications for internal as well as external users, simplicity is a must. Everyone is looking for a user-friendly designs no matter how complex the background processing is. The difference in time zones, number of employees accessing it or dynamic nature of data being connected to – applications are expected to manage all this and more.


Increasingly employees are bringing their own devices to the workplace for official use. That is companies are allowingstaff to Bring Your Own Device, also referred to as BYOD. Be it their laptops, smartphones, tablets or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). In order to function like a company provided workstation these devices need to connect over the secure corporate network.This is being handled with mobile application management – these tools and services control access to internal, purchased or public applications on both BYOD as well as company provided devices.

All efforts are directed towards increasing business productivity with faster communications and data security. Last but not the least while ensuring multi-platform accessibility at all times.

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