Networking for Recruitment

Networking for Recruitment

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Connecting with other people is a human need. Sometimes it is driven by the need for emotional security and nowadays to cultivate networks for being helped professionally.

Recruiters as well as job seekers actively work on networking. With the advancements in technology this can at times be virtual and real-life on other occasions. Here we look at a few ways how networking is being used for recruitments:

1. Networking via events
Socialising with a group of business professionals over trade shows and other events is often seen as a recruitment networking strategy. The key issue with this is that it lacks focus as it is social in nature. Also the time spent in connecting with others in the meet ups is usually followed with more to stay in touch. Engaging conversations, being a good listener and focusing on building potential connections can make this work.

Participating in the relevant groups, being non-aggressive and giving things time to grow can be vital for all. These events are not the typical recruitment drives and the results may not be instant for either parties. Some employers are known to sponsor their industry events to be recognised amongst prospects.

2. Networking on Social Media
Social media has taken the World in a big way to say the least. Professional as well as personal networks are being created and utilised to exchange information. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook XING, Google + and Twitter are popular ways to search for talent.

These channels go beyond the traditional hiring. Employers are able to build brands, engage constructively and reach out globally by being online. Recruiters too enjoy mobile access, build relationship, and use tools available to communicate faster, filter and shortlist candidates.

Integration of recruitment software with job boards and social media is helping it all converge conveniently. Without doubt together they are set to empower recruitment processes even further.

3. Networking via Employees

Nothing works better than the word of mouth. When a company’s employees go out and look for referrals they become brand ambassadors. Sometimes cash or kind rewards associated with these programs can prove to be motivating. Certain difficult to fill positions may be filled using this strategy.

Employees are already comfortable with the social media networks and referral programs can be seamlessly integrated with these, resulting in high success rates.

No matter how we network until there are clarity around the goals, it would not be the most effective way to hire. Candidates too need to understand that regardless of where and how they network, companies would have their own standard processes to go through.

It is noteworthy that not all active or passive candidates may be good at socialising. This in some cases may overshadow their qualifications and skillset which would otherwise qualify them for a position.

However it can’t be ignored that networking inspires and educates people. They are better informed, prepared and confident. At times they could also benefit from receiving vacancy alerts even before they are advertised.

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