What Enterprise Apps can learn from Consumer Apps

What Enterprise Apps can learn from Consumer Apps

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“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.”

This quote from Freeman Dyson says it all. With the advent of computers, came in the software applications which then progressed to mobile apps. Similarly in the sphere on applications first came in the consumer apps which now may be taken over by the enterprise apps in terms of market excitement.

As the name suggests consumer apps are programs that are consumer-oriented. Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Candy Crush are few such examples where individuals connect with the app and use it for anything from education to entertainment.

Enterprise apps on the other hand are focussed towards organisations and groups of people. They are more into the B2B domain and usually address the more complex needs of a business with hierarchy, budgeting, internal processes etc.

1. Focus on user experience and design of the application:

Simply put, it should be a pleasure to use the app. The convenience of user-experience plays a significant role in the success of any app. In the personal realm people are getting used to reliable and efficient designs of apps. Not surprising they expect the same from their workplace apps too.
An example is Mail Chimp, which may be used by businesses as well as proprietors. It is convenient as well as fun to use with its intermittent dose of humour.

2. Accessibility from anywhere with a simple sign in

People like accessibility, even when they are on the move. Be it there home, office or car they would like to stay connected. Being accessible on mobile is no longer a matter choice, it is a given. Not just field staff but others too could benefit from an app that can be signed in for use from their smart phone or tablet.

3. Handling the security concerns:

When mammoth amounts of data are being worked upon by the businesses, its security invariably becomes a key concern. The same needs to be protected with solutions like Cloud and SaaS. Considering that on daily basis enterprise apps are being developed for diverse industries, Enterprise infrastructure security management is the need of hour.

4. Ensuring that its high speed

Productivity and efficiency at work are largely dependent on the speed of the applications. No one would appreciate software that goes down every now and then or simply hangs or takes ages to open up or process information. Depending on the criticality of the business it is important to value the employees’ need for speed.

5. Being worth it, considering the costs involved:

While most of the consumer apps are free of charge, the same is not true with enterprise apps. Their development, customisation and testing could cost, just like their maintenance. Enterprises apps are set to make it big in 2015, offering great user-experience, accessibility, speed, value for money and data security.

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